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Indoor Roller Blind

Appropriate for various indoor settings, adapting to diverse surfaces.

Versatile for indoor applications, our roller blinds adapt to diverse surfaces and space division needs. Choose from various aluminum profile colours and fabrics with varying light transmittance to suit individual preferences. Experience exceptional shading effects, effectively reducing room temperatures for remarkable energy-saving efficiency and low consumption.

  • Weather Resilience and Temperature Control: The roller blinds provide practical sunshades with exceptional thermal insulation for precise temperature control within buildings.

  • High-Quality PVC Fabric: Our roller blinds feature PVC fabric with solid heat resistance, superior corrosion resistance, and exceptional structural stability.

  • Proven Quality in Practice: Real-world cases confirm the outstanding and consistent performance of PVC fabrics. These fabrics ensure reliable and enduring performance over time, setting a new standard in sunshade solutions.


  • White

  • Black

  • Light Grey

  • Creamy White

  • Begie White

  • Dark Brown

***Customize colours that are not in the list takes longer to order and ship.


  • White

***Customize colours that are not in the list takes longer to paint and ship.


***Customizable without limitation.

Embrace unparalleled durability and flexibility with our roller blinds, adeptly engineered to combat elements while enhancing comfort and aesthetics. The high-quality PVC sunshine fabric integration ensures superior performance, setting a new standard in sunshade solutions.

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