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Motorized Louvred Pergola

Combining sleek aesthetics, durability, and engineered for excellent ventilation.

The bioclimatic louvred pergola, a pinnacle of eco-conscious innovation, seamlessly combines minimalist modernity with eloquent design. Balancing aesthetic charm, stability, and exceptional shading capabilities, it elevates outdoor spaces, harmonizing with courtyards, terraces, poolsides, and upscale dining venues. A chic statement for contemporary residences, this pergola embodies style and functionality.

  • Lightness and Endurance: Lightweight aluminum louvres siplify handling and installation while offering exceptional durability. Resistance to corrosion, endure harsh weather for longlasting functionability.

  • Efficient Sunlight and Ventilation Control: Precision-designed louvres facilitate efficient airflow and sunlight control, ideal for critical enviornments like HVAC systems, industrial settings, and commercial buildings.

  • Aesthetic Appearance and Customization: Modern Aluminum louvres enhance building aethetics, offering easy customization for specific architectural needs. Options like andized for power-coated finishes resist corrosion and wear.

  • Low Maintenance and Cost Efficiency: Innate resistance to rust and corrosion minimizes upkeep, eliminating frequent painting or sealing. Cost-effective and readily availible, aluminum louvres provide a financially savvy solution for various applications.


  • White (in stock)

  • Grey (in stock)

***Colors are customizable. Though, colours that are not in stock may take longer to order and ship.




***Customizabel without limitation.

In essence, aluminum louvres excel in lightweight strength, airflow management, design adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance, making them a preferred choice for architects, engineers, and property owners.

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