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Retractable Awning

Revel in the serene outdoors, embracing both elegance and comfort.

The Full-Cassette Retractable Awning flaunts a sophisticated design, smoothly tucking away its fabric and curved arm into the cassette for enhanced protection, harmonizing flawlessly with contemporary architectural styles. It converts outdoor areas into inviting retreats, delivering comfort, charm, and a hint of leisure. Its adjustable angle, ranging from 5° to 45°, radiates uniqueness and refinement.

  • Complete Protection and Relacation: The cassette design ensures full protection, crafting a serene leisure space 2 to 6 meters wide and extending up to 3 meters, perfect for unwinding outdoors.

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Arm: The rust-resistant aluminu alloy telescopic bend arm guarantees durable outdoor enjoyment, irrespective of time, providing reliability day and night.

  • Adjustable LED Lighting: Equipped with a waterproof LED light belt on the bent arm, offering adjustable brightness levels for a visually pleasing ambiance and customizable outdoor experiences.

  • Robust Construction and Longevity: Featuring a thickened skeleton with one-piece forming, ensuring corrosion resistance and year-round outdoor functionality. Surface frosted processing and corrosion-resistant outdoor power coating furthur bolster durability.






  • 2.05m < Width < 6m

  • 1.5m < Expansion < 3m

The Cassette Awning redefines outdoor living with its sleek design, adjustable angles, and extended reach. Crafted for modern aesthetics, it seamlessly integrates with architecture, creating a cozy haven with waterproof LED lighting. Enjoy year-round comfort and elegance in your outdoor space.

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