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Retractable Canopy

Masterfully crafted shade offering superior functionality and perfected design.

As a high acclaimed sunshade product, the canopy is meticulously designed and refined through multiple enhancements before entering the market, earning widespread favours among users.

  • Structural Strength: Surpassing the strength of tent PVC membrane materials ensures complete waterproofing and sun shading.

  • Performance Excellence: Demonstrates remarkable performance in sun protection, rain and wind resistance, and UV resistance, all while being practical and visually appealing.

  • Control System: Equipped with intelligent motors, offering an advanced smart control system complemented by an embedded LED lighting system.

  • Fabric Composition: Double-coated PVC providing waterproffing, heat dissipation, strong tear resistance, mildew resistance, and fame retardancy. The middle layer features black treatment for effective shading, with added anti-UV components to extent the service life effectively.






***Customizabel without limitation.

The Motorized Retractable Canopy, a premier sunshade solution, combines aluminum alloy durability with advanced design. Ideal for upscale venues, its outstanding performance, robust structure, and intelligent control system redefine outdoor comfort. The double-coated PVC fabric ensures longevity with waterproofing, tear resistance, and UV protection.

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