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Skylight Blind

Revamping environments while providing protection.

The Skylight Blind addresses their insulation shortcomings. With a honeycomb design, it regulates indoor temperature, provides UV protection, and utilizes durable materials for diverse residential and commercial spaces. It is designed to be suitable both indoor and outdoor, also ideal to be installed under glass roofing. 

  • Temperature Regulation: The unique honeycomb structure stores and regulates indoor temperature, ensuring consistent warmth in winter and preventing overheating in summer, overcoming traditional glass skylight flaws.

  • UV Protection and Heat Insulation: These blinds offer UV protection, safeguarding furniture from sun damage. Their insulating properties maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.

  • Durable Construction: The inner metal layer provides corrosion resistance and mould prevention, ideal for outdoor glass roof patios. Robust build ensures longevity and suits luxury hotels, villas, office buildings, and residential spaces.


  • Light Blue

  • White

***Customize colours that are not listed take longer to order and ship.


  • White

***Customize colours that are not listed take longer to paint.


***Cuztomizable without limitation.

The Skylight Blind revolutionizes traditional glass skylights, offering optimal insulation, UV protection, and durability. It is a breakthrough in regulating indoor temperatures, perfect for diverse architectural spaces.

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